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Satisfy your fiber arts passion and explore the unique and beautiful suri alpaca fiber for all your spinning, felting, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and crafting needs. We passionately pursue excellence in our 100+ suri alpacas as both breeding stock and producers of high value fiber. Wild Rose Fiber Treasures is the fiber division of Wild Rose Suri Ranch in Havre de Grace, MD, and is the culmination of 15 years of breeding champion suri alpacas for their exquisite high luster and shimmering, slick fiber.

Suri alpaca is truly unique and represents less than 10% of the world's population of alpacas, the other breed being "huacaya" (wa-cay'-yuh) and is closest in characteristics to fine merino wool. Products labelled only as "alpaca" are 99% of the time huacaya fiber, not suri. Suri fiber is the closest animal fiber to silk, and comes in over 22 natural colors. It's slick, long fiber scales give yarns a very silky, smooth feel, and is non-allergenic because is does not contain lanolin.

Support our "green" Local and USA products! All of our fiber is generously "donated" by our 100 suri alpacas each spring during annual shearing. By the way, they all have names and we can trace the fiber to the individual alpaca. We can even provide a photo! Suri alpaca can be spun into 100% suri yarns, and it is beautifully blended with wool, huacaya for a 100% alpaca yarn, angora, bamboo, and many plant and animal fibers. Some of our yarns are hand spun by me, and other yarns were processed at a mini mill to be later hand painted or dyed solid colors. You will find a limited number of hand spun art yarns made from 100% suri and suri blends, hand painted rovings and yarns, and hand painted suri locks for craft projects, felting, and spinning. Browse the various products, and create a truly unique item for yourself or as a special gift.

My fiber "passion" generates one-of-a-kind unique items for sale that are handspun, handknitted, and handwoven. We have those special, non-reproducible gifts that are truly unique as hats, gloves, scarves purses, and shawls. Check out the items in our store, and remember that there is only "1" available. You'll love our suri alpaca products and yarns!

Our farm store, "The Alpaca Shop at Wild Rose Suri Ranch" is located on our farm premises and is loaded with alpaca products, including high end AlpacaWearâ„¢ clothing, alpaca teddy bears, alpaca socks, and all our yarns and fibers. Come visit us if you are in the area, and go to the Wild Rose web site for directions. Just give us call in advance so we can be sure to give you personal attention for finding those special items that feed your "passion".

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